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  Today, we stand here! Standing on the German land! Standing in Berlin, the blood in our ancestors and dignity irrigation land! Behind me, is andriy corleone statue! He is the world recognized freedom fighter! He is the light! \"

  Standing in front of me, is a nation, a people moan in humiliation! \"\" after the war ended, we are proud of the nation, there is no! The victors' liking riding on our neck, they trample our dignity at random, one by the continent's most noble national dignity! You told me, you is to choose like Benjamin. Martin to do as a freedom fighter, or a slave? ! \"

  You may say: Hitler, Sir, I need a job, a loaf of bread. Is the earth. What you have said is very right, life is too important. But I want to tell you. In this world there is a kind of thing is more important than life, that is freedom! That is dignity! "

  As long as the Alsace and los Lin Shangkong also wave the flag of France, a day our dignity doesn't exist! As long as the French, British bullying on our homeland, our dignity doesn't exist! As long as the map in Europe, the call of the German national divided weak. Our dignity is no! As long as people in other countries, said the word to Germany when chat will let out a whoop of laughter, slight our dignity doesn't exist! "

  What we need, not a piece of bread! But a living space! A nation living space! The living space, is not accomplished by begging and protest, but by iron and blood to achieve! "

  Others insult us, even if is also the weakest nation to trample on us, we will only, we expressed strong indignation and protest, such people. There is no bones! Such a person, is cheap! We should use the artillery to deafening sound enemy tremble! We should crush their dignity, life, let them know that we are not a group of only know protest a coward! "

  You want to remember, a country understand only protest, is a country with no bones! A only know the protest of the government, the government, is a government, no bone mansion! When our dignity, territory and survial space abuses, still shamelessly protest land, house, we don't need! You finally will abandon them! "

  I'm proud, in you of these people. So have no bones, rare! My in front, is a has one thousand surrender blood legion! This blood, has been flowing in the blood vessels of our ancestors, they didn't give in! Now, they are in our body surges, you told me. You want it to cool! ? "(from www liuxue86.com)

  "To unite the people. There are two things: common ideal and common crime. We have carved on the German flag above the great ideal, we do everything we can for the ideal flow of the last drop of blood! In Berlin today. Nothing could save our motherland, only the ideal! The Versailles treaty, is a great shame! We have refused to carry out its determination and reason! Do you want to do! Like Benjamin Martin picked up the gun, as he led his compatriots lift up high the flag of the that surface free kill! If you expect to fight, to fight it for you! Then I can see you are seventy million or seventy million slaves unwavering in German!"

  If one day, I, adolf Hitler, and want to Benjamin Martin, holding our deutsche banner in the front! Even die, I will smile in heaven! I would see the glory of the deutsche ancestors, I hold my head high to head came to the great Frederick the great, I can proudly say to him: I, your son, did not give you lose you face, I am great at deutsche drain away the last drop!

  We don't fight for slavery! We fight for freedom! We are not machines, not the horses and cattle, we are men! Is the German never give in! "

  We together in the name of freedom! Fight for a new and fair world! We fight for work for everyone! For that enslave us get out of German land! Fight for we don't need cried all day long! Fighting for our dignity! Fight for our promise! "

  Fight for the liberation of the country! Germans, we fight for the glory of our ancestors! For our children and grandchildren can proudly: we are never succumb fighting German! "

  \"My fellow citizens, Germany and the German people, live forever! Free, live forever!

































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