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  Which blend of coffee would you like?


  Here, have some coffee on me.


  We went into the cafe for coffee and dessert.


  I love the delightful odour of freshly roasted coffee beans.


  How about a cup of coffee at a nearby cafe?


  Do you like your coffee weak or strong?



  There was a smell of coffee pervading the atmosphere.


  The aroma of coffee always cheers me up.


  Have another coffee on me.


  Fresh coffee is superior to instant coffee.


  I'll have a wee drop of cream in my coffee.


  Be an angel and bring me a cup of coffee.


  He used to have a cup of coffee preparatory to his work.


  I'd like some coffee with a laced brandy.


  Call room service and ask for some coffee.


  I have coffee after dinner, as is my usual practice.


  1. Flavored coffee is sold at gourmet food stores and coffee shops. 花式咖啡可在美食店和咖啡店买到。

  2. The crowd in Robinson's Coffee-House was thinning, but only by degrees. 鲁宾逊咖啡屋里的人正在变少,但也只是渐少而已。

  3. I seem to fritter my time away at coffee mornings. 我似乎把时间全都浪费在咖啡早茶会上了。

  4. Over coffee, she lit a cigarette, her eyes daring him to comment. 喝咖啡时,她点燃了一支烟,用挑衅的眼神看着他,谅他也不敢吭声。

  5. He offered the boys some coffee. They declined politely. 他问那些小伙子要不要来点咖啡,他们婉辞了。

  6. They had their coffee and tea on the veranda. 他们在阳台上喝咖啡和茶。

  7. The beans are then ground and packaged for sale as ground coffee. 然后那些咖啡豆被磨碎,包装好作为咖啡粉出售。

  8. He got his coffee, came back and settled down to listen. 他喝了杯咖啡,回来后开始认真听讲。

  9. Decaffeinated coffee still contains some stimulants and other nasties linked with cancer. 脱咖啡因的咖啡仍含一些刺激物和其他可能致癌的有害物质。

  10. Dan smiled at him through a haze of smoke and steaming coffee. 丹透过烟雾和咖啡的热气朝他笑了笑。

  11. After the coffee we bundled up and walked down to the river. 喝完咖啡,我们穿上厚厚的衣服,往河边走去。

  12. The effect on coffee prices has been disastrous for the producers. 对咖啡价格的影响对生产商而言是灾难性的。

  13. He wants three teaspoons of sugar in his coffee. 他要在咖啡里放3茶匙的糖。

  14. The coffee-table is glass, to be as unobtrusive as possible. 那张咖啡桌是玻璃的,为的是尽量不惹眼。

  15. I'll put on the kettle for tea. Or boil up some coffee. 我要烧壶水沏茶,或者煮些咖啡。

  16. There's some sandwiches here and a flask of coffee. 这里有些三明治和一瓶咖啡。

  17. There's nothing better than a good cup of hot coffee. 没有比喝一大杯热咖啡更惬意的事情了。

  18. A five-course meal including coffee, service and VAT is £30. 包括咖啡、服务费及增值税在内,一顿五道菜正餐的价格为30英镑。

  19. The lid, turned upside down, served as a coffee table. 那个盖子被翻过来当作咖啡桌。

  20. "What about a liqueur with your coffee?" suggested the waitress. “咖啡里加杯甜酒怎么样?”女服务员建议。

  21. Wayne has a large white coffee in front of him. 韦恩面前摆着一大杯加了牛奶的咖啡。

  22. He cut down on coffee and cigarettes, and ate a balanced diet. 他喝咖啡和吸烟都比以前少了,饮食也均衡了。

  23. Newman poured more black coffee and lit a cigarette. 纽曼又倒了些黑咖啡,接着点了支烟。

  24. Many people dunk their foods in coffee, tea or milk. 很多人在咖啡、茶或牛奶里蘸东西吃。

  25. With its unique heating element it makes perfect coffee. 其独特的电热元件使它能够煮出非常美味的咖啡。

  26. Here's your coffee, just the way you like it. 给你的咖啡,按你的口味冲的。

  27. I invited him back to my flat for a coffee. 我邀请他回我的公寓喝杯咖啡。

  28. He folded his paper neatly and sipped his coffee. 他把报纸整齐地叠起来,然后抿了口咖啡。

  29. He asked if he could have a cup of coffee. 他问能否给他来杯咖啡。

  30. The coffee industry was nationalised at the time of independence. 国家取得独立时,咖啡行业被收归国有。

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